Menu 34,90 €

Menu 34,90 €


Plate of 6 oysters Baden # 3
Salmon tartare, crayfish tails and langoustine with mango coulis
Homemade duck foie gras, brioche toast and candied apricot
The dozen snails served in casserole with garlic cream and toast.
A trio of scallops, on fondue of endives with citrus.

Main courses

(Scallops, prawns, monkfish with langoustine bisque) steamed potatoes and vegetables
Skewer of monkfish with garlic cream, mashed potatoes.
Bass fillet with crunchy vegetable juice, mashed potatoes
Beef fillet, mashed potatoes or fries, bordelaise reduction.
chef’s suggestion.
Trilogy of cheeses mishmash salad and honey vinaigrette


The dessert choice on the menu  € 25.90